Startups: the truth no-one tells you

You can forgive many startups for their dreamy-eyed aspirations of overnight success. Online media is full of stories of billion dollar companies which were seemingly created on the smell of an oily rag – in a minute – by a business-savvy student or IT nerd with a big idea. Names like Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Uber and Snapchat all come to mind.Continue reading


To niche or not to niche

Since I started my own business, almost every marketing and sales blog, advice column and guru I’ve read or heard has touted the absolute imperative of finding your market niche. That little pocket of the market that is all yours. That oasis where there are lovely hungry clients, with deep pockets and big chequebooks, that need your services – not those of your competitors – and are willing to pay premium price for them.Continue reading