What to do if a client won’t pay

Many business owners have suffered the misfortune of a client who won’t pay their bills. Sometimes the reason for the lack of payment is simply that the client forgot, or is short of funds, and most cases are resolved favourably.

But what if you’ve taken all the “friendly” options, i.e. phone call reminder, email reminder attaching another copy of the invoice, offered a payment plan, but still the client does not pay?Continue reading


Startups: the truth no-one tells you

You can forgive many startups for their dreamy-eyed aspirations of overnight success. Online media is full of stories of billion dollar companies which were seemingly created on the smell of an oily rag – in a minute – by a business-savvy student or IT nerd with a big idea. Names like Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Uber and Snapchat all come to mind.Continue reading