Welcome to our #AskMeOnMonday video series.

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur? Is a particular business issue keeping you up at night? Are you stuck with a decision and need help weighing up pros and cons? Do you need some time management or efficiency tips?

#AskMeOnMonday is all about sharing information on common business problems and helping you make real improvements in your day-to-day business life.

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Posted on 10 April 2017.

One of the most important #decisions for any #businessowner is what to charge for your product or service. This #AskMeOnMonday video is part 1 of a 3-part #series on #pricing. In this video, I talk about the importance of getting your pricing right from the outset and explain the difference between #cost-based pricing and #value-based pricing.

Posted on 3 April 2017.

2016/2017 has been a challenging year for me, so rather than the usual format for #AskMeOnMonday, this week I wanted to share with you my personal experience, including some lessons learned and home truths I’ve recently faced and how I’m pulling myself out of this #cashflow #funk.

Posted on 20 March 2017.

This week I answer a question from Gina Jaaskelainen of gina.digital and give you my best tips on how to effectively manage staff and how best to communicate with them.

Posted on 13 March 2017.

If work life balance is something you struggle with, especially if you’re a home-based business, then this week’s #AskMeOnMonday is for you. Thanks to Brigitte Zaghloul​ from MELT Homestyle Cakes & Desserts​ for the question.

Posted on 6 March 2017.

Welcome back to #AskMeOnMonday. This week we discuss the best way to market your business. Thanks to Catherine Salat from Just Imagine Finance for the question. I run through the different types of marketing channels business can use and tell you the best ones to use if you sell a product versus a service and if your target market is individuals or other businesses.

Posted on 27 February 2017.

In this week’s episode, I answer the following question from Karen Robertson of Pram Fitness:

“As a small business owner, some days it’s hard to be motivated to work “on” the business while I’m so busy working “in” the business. What is your advice for people who work without a team to stay on track to the end goal?”

Posted on 24 February 2017.

Welcome to the Peer Business Consulting #AskMeOnMonday series!

Hi guys, you might have seen on my social media pages that I’ve now launched #AskMeOnMonday. I’m really excited as this is my first foray into video, and I get to connect with you all face to face and at the same time hopefully give you useful advice that you can apply to your business.