Our clients

At Peer Business Consulting, we pride ourselves on forming great, long-lasting relationships with our clients. Angeline Zaghloul, Director & Principal Consultant of Peer Business Consulting, has been working with large and small businesses for over 20 years. Some of our clients are listed below.



Read what some clients said about their experience with us.

From our small business clients

[What went well?] “The ease of communication and response time and quality of the work provided by Peer”

Annette Fontana, Forum Law

“Through the [consultation] Angeline was able to understand and get a feel of what my business is about.  The questions I thought where insightful and due to the depth of questioning Angeline was able to provide a thorough Business Plan. I am very happy with this document and now often refer to it to ensure I am following the path I have charted. Angeline is very knowledgeable and passionate about assisting small businesses to grow and flourish. Thank you for your professionalism, support and encouragement.”

Vicki Cook, Inspired Change

“Angeline is incredibly dedicated and hard-working, in fact, she is possibly the hardest working consultant we have worked with in our business. She is incredibly disciplined and driven, and works at a fast pace ensuring deadlines are met every time and issues are dealt with professionally and constructively.

Not only this, but Angeline’s knowledge and skill in Business Operations, Strategy and Work Processes is unsurpassed. She has the ability to immediately identify areas requiring improvement and is able to both develop plans and execute them efficiently and effectively.

One particular thing I loved about working with Angeline was her willingness to adjust her pace to suit our needs; and as a result we were able to achieve open communication and understanding, which I believe is essential in working with a consultant long-term.”

Gina Jaaskelainen, Principal at Hollywood Black Branding & Creative

About our small business workshops

“Thanks… what a fabulous day. I walked away with so much info.” 

Vicki Cook, Inspired Change

“Thank you for a fantastic Lounge session [on Breaking Down the Business Plan]. And to everyone else who attended. It was a great group, with a lovely engaged dynamic, and brilliant input from everyone. Please sign me up for the cash flow & SEO groups. If today is anything to go by, there will be much to learn and talk about.” “Thanks for a brilliant and informative day.” 

Katrina Hawke, Hands Eyes HeART

“Head still buzzing….lots of ideas and information to process – thank you.” 

Carol Kemister, Flower Songs

 “I would like to say thank you for the great workshop I attended today at the Lounge on how to prepare a business plan. Highly professional presentation underpinned by a generosity in providing insight and information on how to prepare an essential business tool. I highly recommend this group to any one starting a business or anyone wanting to see their business grow and prosper.” 

Clare Macintosh, Vintage Clothing startup owner

“Terrific info. Thanks.” 

Damon Baker, Nomad Graphics

About our blog, newsletter and resources

“Angeline, I relate to so much in your blog. I know there are loads of opportunities out there for my business and I have started on the right foot this year, feeling a whole lot more comfortable/confident. They say “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”…..
And I’ve not thought of Anxiety and Fear as you have put it, so thank you. Great topic….
Holding Hands and talking with you will make my year a better year, I know that for sure.”

Annie Lopez, Windflower Beauty

“[Peer News is an] absolutely brilliant resource for all small businesses!”

Gina Jaaskelainen, Hollywood Black Branding & Creative

“Hi Angeline, Thank you for the Business Plan Template. I have been doing all of the stuff in it but keeping the list in my head. This will help keep me on track.”

Susan Zaia, Rustic Spirit

From our corporate clients

“Angeline was pivotal on the success of the RMS IT Reform program, her stakeholder management skills and deep understanding of process analysis and organisational complexity were key on the development and implementation of the new operating model and organisational structure. She is a very reliable and committed professional, always keen on trying new approaches and very proactive and independent. She drives initiatives to completion. I was very lucky to have her on my team.”

Daniela Polit, former IT Transformation Manager, Roads and Maritime Services

“Angeline was self motivated and produced a high level of output in her role [as Business Development Analyst] with great attention to detail. She had very good time management skills and ensured all projects/RFPs met their deadlines.”

Ty Thurgood, former Head of Sales, Russell Investments

“Angeline approaches all challenges with a detailed project management orientation; you and other stakeholders, including clients, always know the exact status of everything Ange is responsible for. Ange also forms excellent relationships that make her and your job smooth, as well as making the workplace fun!”

Chris Briant, former Head of Sales and Relationship Management, BNP Paribas Securities Services