Who we are

Peer Business Consulting is a Sydney-based consulting practice, dedicated to supporting startups and SMEs in the Sydney City and Sydney Inner West areas.

We provide business planning, strategic goal setting and advice, cashflow management and budgeting assistance, project management, business process improvement, and reporting & research services.

How we began

Peer was founded by Angeline Zaghloul, a consulting professional with over 20 years experience in business strategy and development, management consulting, business analysis, client service and relationship management, project management and business process improvement.

Throughout her career, Angeline has consulted with various industries and organisation types, including Design, Information Technology, Government, Banking, Investment Management, Financial Custodial Services, Investment Performance Research and Asset Consulting.

Angeline has formal qualifications in Finance & Investment, Mathematics, Project Management and Business Analysis.

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Our philosophy

Angeline’s passion is successfully implementing strategies and plans into practice. Angeline is dedicated to working with business stakeholders at all levels to embed these practises in an efficient and sustainable way, leading to business growth and success. More than that, Angeline cares about leveraging her corporate knowledge and expertise to achieve real results for small and medium businesses.

How Peer is different

At Peer, we genuinely care about the well-being of your business. We want to be your trusted partner and a sounding board for your important strategic ideas and decision making.


What you get when you appoint Peer Business Consulting

  • A peer with whom to discuss your business growth opportunities and pain points
  • Strategic expertise and sound, realistic advice
  • More control and peace of mind
  • Access to an additional business resource during times of high demand or for critical projects
  • More time to focus on running your business; and
  • Help to reset yourself on the path to a smooth, stable and profitable business.