Flexing my JDI muscle

ANGIE’S INSIGHT OF THE WEEK: I had an epiphany of sorts recently. I’m a planner. We know this about me. After all, I am a business strategist. So planning is what I do best. And while planning is important and necessary, sometimes there comes a time when planning must stop and doing must start.

One of my friends recently helped me see that in some areas of my life, I’m an over-planner. Which is really just another a form of procrastination.

With her help, I’ve realised that more often than not, my self-talk goes something like… “I’ve just got to sort out my entire week’s menu and then I can start my diet properly” or “I can’t start this project until I’ve planned what could go wrong first”.

And what happens is that I end up in “analysis paralysis” – stuck in inaction.

So this week’s insight is all about the need to stop thinking, stop (over)planning and sometimes J.D.I. (just do it)!

Do something. Get started. Take the first step. Get moving!

Do you find that you over-plan in some areas of your life or work? Have you ended up in a state of analysis paralysis? In a horrible downward spiral of inaction?

Well, awareness is the first step to improvement. So this week, let’s all observe ourselves and then get flexing those JDI muscles. 🙂

Angeline-Zaghloul-copyright-gina-digitalAbout Angie: 

Angeline Zaghloul is an expert in business strategy, client management and business processes, and is the Managing Director of Peer Business Consulting, a Sydney-based consultancy providing strategy and operations advice to startups and SMEs. Angeline also publishes a regular blog which provides research, advice and tips on key issues facing businesses.

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