Changing path to stay on track

ANGIE’S INSIGHT OF THE WEEK: I had coffee with a good friend of mine today and we had a very deep and meaningful discussion. We reflected on the time we started our businesses (which was roughly around the same time)… our visions, our plans, our expectations.

We were bright-eyed, hopeful and had a lot of motivation and drive back then. Not that we don’t have those things now. It’s just that we are more wise now. We’ve weathered some storms and have a much more realistic idea of what running a successful business is really all about.
And my friend said something so profound that I haven’t been able to forget it. She said that just because the plan we had when we first started the business hasn’t panned out exactly as we envisaged, doesn’t mean we can’t still achieve our original vision. It just might not look like we initially thought it would.
There was a simple truth to this. And like all true things, it was so obvious… in hindsight.

I recently decided to shift direction somewhat in my business and I’ve struggled with how I would share that news with my existing clients and contacts, but today’s conversation has made me realise that it’s just a “pivot” in the plan – to stay agile, to inject some new energy, to get me back on track. And importantly, my original vision has not changed… to help entrepreneurs realise their dreams.

And don’t they always say that the most successful entrepreneurs and businesses are those which are agile… flexible enough to move with the times? To adapt in the presence of challenge and hardship? To change course if that’s what needed to get to your final destination?

How adaptable are you to the things that life throws at you? Is your business equipped to handle ever-changing demands and influences? Have you had to re-cut a plan or change your path when you realised it wasn’t panning out? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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Angeline Zaghloul is an expert in business strategy, client management and business processes, and is the Managing Director of Peer Business Consulting, a Sydney-based consultancy providing strategy and operations advice to startups and SMEs. Angeline also publishes a regular blog which provides research, advice and tips on key issues facing businesses.

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