21 Tools and Resources for your Small Business

Today I’m feeling generous, so I’ve decided to dedicate this blog article to sharing the main tools and resources that I use everyday in my business. Now, I should say that as an expert in business strategy and operations, I almost knew nothing about social media, online marketing and photo editing when I started. I had to learn this from the ground up. But with some great e-learning resources, blogs and a little help from my (business) friends, I’ve become a (sort-of) pro in no time. These are just some of the resources I’ll be sharing with you today. So keep reading…Continue reading


Peer News May 2015 is out now!

The May issue of Peer News, our digital newsletter, is out now!

In this month’s issue of Peer News:

  • We give a special shout-out to the clients for whom we’ve finished projects for this month.
  • We bring you Blog highlights from the month including: 28 ways SMEs can smooth out cashflows and manage their everyday money, a brutally honest account of my personal reality check over recent weeks, and tips on the 12 most common risks that many SMEs fail to adequately plan for.

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