The customer is always right… right?

Contradiction is all around us. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been told that the customer is always right. But as a customer, I often feel constrained by shop assistants and service providers unwilling to budge on a policy or process. Early in my career as a client service manager, I did my best to bow to clients’ often unrealistic demands, with a smile even. But I rarely saw the same from other client service staff and relationship managers. And I’ve often heard murmurings among friends and family that good customer service is dead.Continue reading


Did you catch my Expert360 article on customer loyalty?

How to Create Customer Loyalty in the Faceless Digital World

By Angeline Zaghloul for the Expert360 Blog – April 10, 2015

The success of your business depends on customer loyalty. In today’s digital, technology-ridden world, people are making critical buying decisions from behind a screen, rather than face to face. So how do you create and retain customer loyalty in this faceless digital world? Let’s start with defining customer loyalty.

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