What to do if a client won’t pay

Many business owners have suffered the misfortune of a client who won’t pay their bills. Sometimes the reason for the lack of payment is simply that the client forgot, or is short of funds, and most cases are resolved favourably.

But what if you’ve taken all the “friendly” options, i.e. phone call reminder, email reminder attaching another copy of the invoice, offered a payment plan, but still the client does not pay?Continue reading


7 common mistakes startups and small businesses make

I’m feeling rather ashamed by the length of time since I published my last post – it’s been almost three months! – however at least I made it back here. During this time, I’ve been lucky enough to win some new clients and do some interesting work, which triggered an idea to write an article about the most common mistakes I’ve seen startups and small businesses make.Continue reading

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Peer News February-March 2016 is out now!

The February-March 2016 issue of Peer News, our digital newsletter, is out now!

In this issue of Peer News, we’re celebrating the arrival of Autumn.

  • We give recommendations for some good online resources and learn how running a successful business can be like running a marathon in our latest blog articles.
  • We share the results of our 3-Minute Small Business Survey and we announce the lucky winner of a 1-hour Business Strategy Consult.
  • We welcome our latest new client and new recruit.
  • And as usual, we give you some useful links and motivation to keep you inspired.

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